An Optimistic Vantage Point On Human Existence And Natural Behavior

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From an optimistic vantage point on human existence and natural behavior, a Democratic Confederate Socialist government system spanning across the world, canvassing all separate countries that exist today, would be ideal. Being Democratic, it would serve to promote the ideas and serve the needs of the people for which it is created--fulfilling the social contract theory of John Locke. Being a Confederacy, instead of following a Unitary or Federal structure, it would serve even more to that end, as smaller groups would control themselves while being only loosely politically associated with others who may have widely different needs but are united under the same global government umbrella. For instance, a community located in present day Western Massachusetts would have different needs and surpluses than a community located in Southern California. This Confederate system of loosely connected communities could allow for each of those two individual communities to be governed in manners conducive to the overcoming of their own specific challenges, while still uniting them both beneath the same ideal super state. Being Socialist--perhaps the most important term in the system’s nomenclature--it would give all citizens of this ideal world government subsidized and legislated equality amongst themselves, to work their government provided jobs and claim their government provided bread--the term “their” used loosely in both cases, but more so in the latter than former--equally.

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