An Ordinary Boy In Extraordinary Times Analysis

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An Ordinary Boy in Extraordinary Times My Papa was an ordinary boy in extraordinary times. Robert Doyle was born in the late 30’s and his earliest memories are of the greatly patriotic times of World War II. The effect of the Great War shaped his childhood and Cora Doyle’s, my grandmother, even after the war ended. It was a great time filled with great Americans. My great grandfather on Papa’s side was Charles Doyle who married my great grandmother, Eva Gfell. They had three children, James, Jean, and my grandfather, Robert. Robert was called “Bobby” when he was young, but now is known as “Papa”. Papa is Irish and German. My grandmother, Cora Doyle, is English, Native American, and a bit Irish. Her father, Isaac Yates married my great grandmother, Martha Kimble. They had four daughters, Cora, Sharon, Yvonne, and Tammy. My…show more content…
On December 7, 1941, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and “Hitler declared War on the United States four days after Pearl Harbor” (Spielvogel 616). Papa said, “The war was everything”. There were billboards, posters, and radio shows only on the war. There were posters that portrayed Americans as good and the Germans as bad. Billboard had phrases such as “Loose Lips sink Ships”. Posters with pictures of “Rosy the Riveter” and “Wendy the Welder” encouraged the woman who build ships and planes like my great grandmother, Martha Yates, for the Allied Forces (Spielovogel, 619). Papa can remember listening to the radio for the battle locations and the casualties every night. President Franklin D. Roosevelt had “Fireside Chats” about how the war was going and how they as Americans needed to stick together. The war was the only thing people talked about and everyone was part of the war effort. In second grade, he would collect dimes which he would bring to school for the war cause. He recalls searching the trash piles in the junkyard to collect the metal from toothpaste containers
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