An Ordinary Man

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1. Rusesabagina writes that “a false view of history is a toxin in the bloodstream.” How have you experienced this is your own life? Is there such a thing as a completely true view of history? It seems as though wherever there is a disagreement between two people, each of them always has a different story. Given this, two friends of mine fought over a bet they had made. One said the bet was for $20 while the other disagreed that they had never shaken hands to declare it. This is a prime example of what Rusesabagina is describing. No matter what situation one is in, there will always be differing opinions over what took place simply because people are often biased in their views of the past, seeing only how it affected him or her. Thus, I…show more content…
6. Given Rusesabagina’s experiences, what do you think the future holds for Rwanda? I am not quite sure what the future holds for the country of Rwanda. From the looks of the government, it is still run quite the same as before. There isn’t much of a democracy with one candidate winning 95% of votes, however, I believe that the country truly cares about its history and in an attempt of consolidation, will not let another event happen to repeat the genocide of 1994. 7. What different choices do you think you would have made if you had been in Rusesabagina’s position? I do not believe I would have handled the situation as successfully as Rusesabagina did. I understand he acted under pressure, but knowing myself, I would have not been able to deliver myself as eloquently as he did in any of his situations. 8. What effect do Rusesabagina’s accounts of the actions of the United Nations and the United States have on your impression of either? Rusesabagina’s accounts have left me to believe that the United Nations could have easily stopped the progression of the genocide in the beginning. If they had stayed in Rwanda to portray the slightest bit of protection to the people, I believe the Hutu murderers would be have been threatened enough to back off for the time being. Also, Rusesabagina’s account of asking the White House for help at the last minute and recalling how each person responded with an obscure declination
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