An Organism Of Unknown Origin

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Introduction: An organism of unknown origin was selected by the course instructor in an effort to properly identify the organism with the utilization of a series of biochemical tests. This exercise was of extreme importance during the termination of the course because it was essential that each student be able to apply the practical knowledge learned through class lectures, and lab practicals in an effort to individualize such experience so that each student could properly handle a bacterial culture and identify its origin. In essence, the task of identifying the selected organism via various test is essential in order to determine key features of such organism. The test results ultimately disclose how the organism functions, and this information is useful for proper identification and handling of such culture. Materials and methods: The identification of the unknown organism was first tested using a Gram’s staining procedure. This test uses a series of dyes and liquid solutions that give a bacterial smear a color contrast and aid in its identification. This method differentiates bacteria based on the thickness of their peptidoglycan composed cell walls. This Gram’s staining test was initiated by first donning gloves and obtaining a clean microscopic slide which was cleaned with alcohol. The slide was then marked with a culture number, and a circle was made in the center with a marker. A drop of water was placed in the center and the excess was absorbed. A wire loop was
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