An Organization Environment Can Have A Strong Effect On Employee Satisfaction And Productivity

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In our ever changing world organizations are required to change to meet the needs of employees and their customers. The organization environment can have a strong effect on employee satisfaction and productivity. (Bernerth, 2004).Over the past century many elements have changed as the economical boundaries have created the need for these changes. As society changes and the perspective of future leaders grow and inject their personal ideas things will continue to change. Change is relevant and to continue to grow an organization the leaders of that organization must overcome complacency when facing the need to achieve these changes. As more and more workers gain knowledge in trade and improve their education change will
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My grandchild that is three years old can operate an Iphone and when I was eight I remember getting our first computer in school.
Currently one of the fastest agents of change is technology and the capabilities that technology allows us as managers to utilize. As technology changes customers, employees and competition changes as advancement is vital. Bolman and Deal, 2008 introduced four major frames of the organization that must be instilled for continued growth for every organization. These frames include the structural frame, human resource frame, political frame and the symbolic frame.
Change is needed for motivation of the employees and continued efforts to strive for better results will also continue to change the organizational structure. As the structure of the organization changes the framework of the human resource department must be capable of changing to employ new strategies for organizational effectiveness. The human resource team is the liaison between the management team and the employees and must be capable of creating new educational experiences that create camaraderie and collaboration.
Cultural Influence The impact of influence in the organization comes from the leaders within the organizational structure. Organizational culture has been shown to have a direct influence on staff satisfaction and commitment (Lund, 2003). The impact of the organizational culture can
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