An Organization For A Cyber Forensics Consultant

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The CEO pointed out a notably vital concern to the organization that caused an international cyberspace penetration. As she explained, CyberTech is an organization serving as a cyber-forensics consultant for our organization. They have the responsibility to examine our digital experiences forensically and identify any problems and loopholes present in our systems in a bid to solve cyber-related concerns. Systems should be working at the expectations of all stakeholders, and CyberTech is the contractors who should take the roles of advising and implementing on the best courses of actions when it comes to handling the systems. Also, CyberTech is handling the lawsuit following a hacking incident that was reported by the organization in…show more content…
However, with cybercrime, they could be scapegoats and may be innocent. It’s not clear which company did the hacking. The company can either stand with the two stakeholders at the expense of supposed virtues, or it can turn them in to be investigated further even though the information leading to them is insufficient.
Effects of conflict of interest to the organization
This situation may seem totally unrelated but in a great way affects the case at hand. The decisions made by CyberTech will in a way not be genuine due to the influence of the presence of the suspects in another case with them. Let’s take an example that the OPM breach suspects were found guilty in the case which subsequently led to termination of their job and charging by the court. This would lead them not being able to facilitate the other case they have with CyberTech. As a result, it would suppress them financially or even if arrested they would not be able to represent themselves in order to proceed with the other mentioned case. This is a conflict of interest which comes with lame outcomes of a bad image to the organization. As well known, a bad image for an organization greatly affects how it operates and hence how it relates to its customers. The basic factor that prospective clients look upon before proposing to work with a certain organization is the image of the organization (Thompson,
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