An Organization Is A Common Platform Essay

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An organization is a common platform where individuals from different backgrounds come together and work as a collective unit to achieve certain objectives and targets. An organization consists of individuals with different specializations, educational qualifications and work experiences all working towards a common goal. Just like how every employee have different specializations, educational qualifications and work experiences, the employees also differ in generations called Gen X(people born in 1965-1981), Gen Y (people born in 1982-2000) and Baby boomers(people born in 1946-1964). All these employees need work motivation in some way or the other to perform at work place and produce desired results. In the due course of time there are many changes in the organizations that are taking place. Organizational changes happen due to leadership, technical changes and also due to multiple generations working under a single roof. By these generations working under a single roof there are many contradictions and differences right from the value systems to how each generations see the work. So motivating each generation to achieve their goal is a huge task even for the leading managers. Work motivation is described as the psychological processes that direct, energize, and maintain action toward a job, task, role, or project (Campbell & Pritchard, 1976; Kanfer, 1990). Work motivation "is a set of energetic forces that originate both within as well as beyond an individual 's being,
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