An Organization Level Leadership Of The Norwegian Army

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Introduction The US Army defines leadership as the process of influencing people and describes organizational level leadership as leadership that indirectly influence hundreds of persons through several levels of subordinates and staffs. Compared to direct leadership organizational level leadership demands a system and process perspective. The Norwegian Army has not a precise definition of its wanted leadership and does not clear distinguish between direct and organizational level leaders. Although, I find the US Army definition of organizational level leadership comparable with my believed expectations to a Norwegian Army leader at battalion and brigade staff level. In 2002, during a leadership discussion, my commander indirectly gave me a lesson in how to create a learning organization. In this essay, I will use that experience and reflect on how that specific experience in the future will influence me as an organizational level leader in The Norwegian Army.
The significant experience As a lieutenant and a student at The Norwegian Military Academy my classmates, the year group of 2001-2003, chose me to be the year group spokesman. The primary task was to be the link between the year group and the school leadership. After the first year, we changed the year group commander and quite soon dissatisfaction of the new commanders leadership occurred. I was rather hesitant to deal with the occurred issue. First of all, I felt uncertain of how to address…
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