An Organization On The Road Of Downfall

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In today’s world of advancement and changing technology with the blink of an eye, organizations work hard to maintain its position in the market. They try to implement and adopt every possible new techniques and methodology feasible to their organization. Due to massive competition in the market every organization tries to excel in their field. They intend to get the best work out of their employees and to deliver the best to their customers. However, not all the companies succeed in doing so. They ignore the fact that in order to improve continuously, knowledge and learning also need to be polished regularly. Without regular updating knowledge of the employees, a company should not expect of improving. As learning is the tool which empowers problem-solving skills, re-designing with the introduction of the new technology of the changing world and implementing new and innovative ideas. In the absence of learning, people will keep following the same old methods and technique. Following the outdated methods will take the organization on the road of downfall. The concept of Learning Organization was popularized by Peter Senge and several other workshops, publications and websites in the 1990s. There is no clear definition of the Learning Organization. Some think that learning happens in the due course of time which helps in accruing knowledge and improving performance; others believe that it requires behavioral change. Some say that it is common to learn in the organization;
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