An Organization Strategic Business Plan

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The prime critical strategy in acquisition of the employee is that there is should be an official human resource plan in context of the organization strategic business plan (Singh, 2003). According to Bernardin (2003) that those organizations that their strategy is well integrated with human resource recruitment and planning, tend to have human resource competitive advantage. In the following part, the discussion would cover the practices recognized in literature in regards to recruitment and selection processes as job analysis, recruitment and selection. in respect to this, it would be reasonable to first, thoroughly explain the recruitment and selection procedure which encompasses a number of inter connected and related steps, and there…show more content…
In the selection stage, the employer perform a robust assessment techniques to identify the most potential candidates for the job. 2.3.1 Job analysis According to (Bratton and Gold, 1999) that job analysis, used to produce job descriptions and personnel specifications, relied too much on judgment to identify key aspects of a job and to identify the important qualities that determine success. According to Machington and Wilkinson (2002) that the primary step in the recruitment process is to perform in depth job analysis to recognize functions going to be undertake by the new recruits, and to collect all the required data about the current job as, what skills are required and which activities are carried out (Foot and Hook, 2005). The concerned information could be acquired from sources as division manager, employees with identical jobs and the all the people who are engaged regarding the position announced. Job analysis is playing a vital role in the recruitment and selection process and this act as backbone of the said activities, and the significant role of job analysis has been mentioned in literature such as strategic human resource management practice which yields to assist the overall performance of the
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