An Organization : Topical Pattern

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Informative Speech Outline

Carolyn Strickland
COMS 101
September 21, 2015

Organization: Topical pattern

Audience analysis: My audience consists of two white males and one white female, all of whom are students enrolled in the local community college. Their current fields of study include the following: criminal justice, fire/science/paramedic, and pre-nursing/education. Each of them comes from a Christian home with either a parent or close relative already working in the medical field.

Topic: Nursing, specifically Emergency Nursing presents vast opportunities for edifying God values of compassion, love, impartiality and hospitality with patients, families, and co-workers that present to the Emergency Department.

Rhetorical Purpose: To inform my audience about what it takes to become a Registered Nurse specializing in the Emergency Department.

Redemptive Purpose: To inform my audience how the Registered Nurse in the Emergency Department can serve as a platform for providing God’s compassionate, loving and impartial care during any situation/crisis to a diversity of patients, family members, and co-workers as according to Scripture.


I. Attention-getter
Imagine this. You have been sitting in the waiting room for hours, wondering if they forgot you were here. Nevertheless, listen to this. A crying baby, someone moaning, cursing, a deafening high-pitch ding-ding-dinging from a heart monitor, multiple phones ringing, a squad radio calling in, the…
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