An Organization Who Is A Non Partisan

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Assignment 6 BIPAC Report Breakdown BIPAC is an organization who is a non-partisan, membership-supported group who helps to increase the political effectiveness of America’s business community. Being an organization where data is important to it’s success, market research reports are used to gather, analyze, and interpret information on their target market to deliver to their clients. The survey was done by a company called Moore Information. BIPAC wanted to know how the information give to employees affected the employees actions to the different issues that were provided. Although the research report was very detailed and provided much insight of political activities the report also lacked in some areas to BIPACs members. Research…show more content…
What do we have data on and what further data do we need to collect. The sources of information considered in the study are helping to determine the type of research design used during the study. The type of research used during the study is descriptive research. This is the type of research the is used when we are trying to make a determination of how often something happens in a given relationship. This relationship usually involves 1 or more variables. In order to figure out how employees feel about the information being provided to them from BIPAC using this type of research is good for the study. This is good research because we are only measuring a small number of variables. In giving critiquing feedback on what could have been done differently by Moore marketing is that they should have taken information from the first survey to find a cause and effect relationship. This would have given Moore more answers to questions like why things occurred the way they did in specific detail. A good example of this would be the question which asked how frequently the employees used the government affairs website. With more detailed information this could have given Moore a better insight on just why voters chose what they did choose, and possibly why they did not make other choices. When it comes to these decisions we want to understand just why
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