An Organization Within The Australian Food Industry

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Part A:
Arnott’s is an organisation within the Australian food industry that comes under the food processing/manufacturing sector. In Australia, Arnott 's is the largest producer of biscuits and the second-largest supplier of snack food.

Part B:
Arnott 's is one of the largest food companies in the Asia Pacific region, employing close to 2,800 Australians across all States and Territories. Arnott 's also employs several thousand people across the Asia Pacific region, in countries such as New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan. Arnott’s was Australian owned from 1865 when Scottish immigrant William Arnott opened a bakery on Hunter Street, Newcastle, New South Wales, providing biscuits and pies to townspeople and ships docking at the local port. In 1997 The Campbell Soup Company of North America, a shareholder of Arnott 's since the 1980s, acquired Arnott 's in full. Today Arnott’s supplies biscuits to more than 40 countries around the world. There are three categories of Arnott’s products, these are; Chocolate biscuits, sweet biscuits and savoury biscuits. Some of the most popular products in these categories include; Tim Tams, Tiny Teddies, Shapes, Jatz as well as many more popular products.
Over the past 10 years Arnott’s has spent over $3 billion on raw ingredients and services from local businesses and farmers, fuelling the economy of rural and regional Australia. The Arnott 's Foundation supports many projects such as the; Driver Reviver, Garden Project,…
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