An Organization in Change

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An Organization in Change
BUS610: Organizational Behavior (MWB1208A)
Corey Mullin
Instructor: Adrienne Osborne

Self-reflection sometimes is the best feedback that an individual can receive, and the same is true for an organization. Understanding where an organization sits emerged in an industry often calls for a shake up or changes in methods, practices or even product. The focus is not necessarily what the changes are or is but rather how they are executed, who is affected, proactively foreseeing rejection, and how the change is adopted by the company’s employees. The changes within my own company have been ongoing for almost an entire year now, and I have been on the front line of the shift. Over the
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Having identified the potential problem of re-motivating the admissions department than the University was able to tactfully implement the change of mind set that the counselors had to a new thought process of student first. The effects of the law changes are still rippling through the University to this day, and will continue to thru the proper trainings and student excitement programs that the University has implemented. The management approach was first to have a commitment to change. “A mind-set of doing whatever it takes to effectively implement change” (P 442). This was exactly what the University did, everyone was gathered together, and the announcement of the changes was addressed, if there issues or questions they were addressed. The initial approach was for everyone to have the opportunity to hear the announcement that there were to be no more incentives, but rather now an annual job review. Looking back at the beginning and when this was announced, I can see the stages that were taken to effectively implement new policies so that we were compliant with the new laws. The approach was initially tender and then slowly progressed in to full transition. In order to minimize the adverse impact on the University’s people the approach should have been settle, the laws that changed effected people’s lives, families, and growth potential. This was a
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