An Organization 's Best Line Of Defense Against Cyber Criminals Essay

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An organization’s best line of defense against cyber criminals is crime prevention. As with any other criminal activity, organizations that are the most vulnerable are the ones most likely to be attacked first. Awareness and education are key steps in protecting an organization. The accompanying paper will outline real world cybercrimes and ways in which businesses can protect their cyber environments.

Internet Crime Prevention
Today cyber-attacks are a occurring at an alarmingly high rate. It is not just governments and major corporation’s websites that are under attack; cyber criminals are using the Internet as an instrument to execute crimes against law enforcement agencies, members of congress, and small businesses as well as conducting terrorism, and even waging war. Cyber-attacks can come anywhere, anytime, anyplace from anybody. Cyber criminals are constantly testing computer defense systems for weaknesses in order to gain access to information in which they can use to their advantage. The following paper characterizes three types of cyber criminal activity, real world examples, ways organizations can protect themselves and why the need for law enforcement and e-business professionals involvement. Internet crime is any illegal online activity committed by using the Internet, through the Internet or on the Internet. This type of crime is a constant threat to large organizations, individual sellers and small businesses. An example of a common way of
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