An Organization 's Knowledge Management Essay

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1.0 Introduction
Knowledge management is defined as the productive handling of information and resources within a firm for best decision-making process (Jashapara 2010). The main objective of knowledge management within an organisation is to enhance performance by empowering personnel to obtain, share and employ their collective information in order for them to make the right decisions when required (Sokhanvar, et al., 2014). Knowledge management entails more than technologies used for tracking or sharing information, it is also about creation of practice, developing trusted content and forming networks within and outside the organisation. In order to understand about an organisation’s knowledge management practice, one needs to understand the organisational structure in which it is found. Some organisation’s culture dictate the manner in which people interact and collaborate as regards to information is handled for the success of the organisation. Such organisations indoctrinate their employees on the value of knowledge and the significance of collaborating with each other. In addition, such organisations have support structures that facilitate this process such as mentorship programs. On the contrary, that do not act on their resources and information because they do not have mechanisms that support networking, collaboration and sharing of information. This consequently leads to a situation of negligence by the employees and to the detriment of the organisation. The paper
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