An Organization 's Mission And Area Of Expertise

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Your organization needs to hire a professional accountant who will be able to mend the discrepancies in the records. By having a professional who keeps track of every dollar associated with the organization you will be able to refute the rumors that GBRS overcharges its business partners. Now that we have determined your organization 's life stage and explored some of the areas that need to be developed or implemented let us take a look at your organization 's mission and area of expertise. Ever strategy put forth for the nonprofit sector will stress the importance of mission clarity. Professionals such as Bryson, La Piana, Frank Martinelli,Stevens, all agree mission clarity is indispensable to an organization 's success. Your staff is unclear as to what the organization 's mission is, there for, they are unsure as to what areas they should place their efforts, where the majority of resources should be going and what areas are worth developing more. Your clients, as you stated, has a clearer idea that the mission of GBRS is related to helping them obtain a higher quality of life and to obtain a job. The majority of your clients have stated that the reason they are part of your program is to find a position of employment. Unfortunately, little emphasis is being placed on finding suitable employment positions for clients due to other distractions.
Mrs. Lunt you need to gather a diverse team of clients, staff, board members, volunteers and even outside participants to
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