An Organization 's Security Policy

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Approximately one out of every five data breaches occur due to insider threats. Training all employees throughout an organization in line with the organization’s security policy will combat the threats on sensitive information imposed by malicious insiders and accidental insiders. Training end users to identify attacks against them will reduce the attack surface of the organization. Training managers to be more aware of possible attacks against them will prevent the possible release of the highly sensitive information that their eyes are privy to. The education of IT personnel is crucial in securing the organization from current and future attacks, in addition to facilitating a security policy, making all employees aware of that policy, and implementing training programs to mitigate the insider threat. Training of all personnel in the ways of dealing with the insider threat is worthwhile as reducing the number of threats could reduce potential monetary losses that are posed by the insider threat. Some professionals believe that resources should be focused away from training and towards technological solutions to deal with insider threats. These solutions would not resolve the problem in and of themselves as training would still be necessary for them to even have a modicum of effectiveness. For this reason, organizations should implement a strong training program to combat the insider threat.


Data breaches have been quite prevalent these past several…
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