An Organization 's Success And Competitiveness

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A motivated workforce is an important aspect of an organization 's success and competitiveness in an industry: however, I find that companies are going to realize that keeping a workforce motivated will not be an easy challenge. Furthermore, every employee in an organization is different and not all employees are as motivated or driven as their peers. The challenge for organizations is to figure out what employees want and value because not every employee values the same concepts.

First, I’ve learned in this course that motivation in employees can be separated into two concepts: intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation comes from internal rewards inherent to a task or activity in itself, such as the enjoyment one gets by accomplishing a big project or goal. On the other hand, extrinsic motivation comes from an outside source of reward such as pay, promotions or bonuses. For a company to succeed in motivating their employees they will have to assess these values.

Certainly, a good strategy I would recommend is to distribute employee attitude surveys, which can give your organization an insight into an employee’s motivation, performance and overall self-esteem. Employee attitude surveys can show your employees that you care and value their performance and dedication. Some long-term benefits can include improved morale, increased employee retention and improved job satisfaction.

In addition, while there are many factors that can affect an
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