An Organizational Change Project

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Change Project Introduction In this project the reader will learn what the major effects of change are at and how the employees are responding to the change. It will talk about the various motives of why workers are being resilient to this change and then give choices to move them from being resilient to being dedicated to the change. This project will define in aspect how Lewin's Model of Change will aid on assisting Intersect Assets make the change to a customer intimacy model. It will also talk about the leadership styles, as well as charismatic leadership and transformational leadership, which will guide to the achievement of the change operation, in addition to measures to look at the development of the change. Last of all, it will talk about several future leadership encounters that organizations could possibly come in contact with in the next several years. Organizational change management is something that takes into consideration both the tools and processes and tools that managers are able to utilize to make the essential alterations that are an organizational level. Greatest organizations want change applied with the least struggle that occurs. For this to happen, change will have to be applied with an approach that is structured in order for the transition from one form of behavior to another institute wide will be easy. Change management is considered to be a systematic procedure to handling with change, together from the viewpoint of an organization and
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