An Organizational Diagnosis At Abc Company And Whole Foods

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Introduction The purpose of this report is to provide data on an Organizational Diagnosis to ABC Company and Whole Foods. The diagnosis will define how various features of Whole Foods Market are aligned i.e. inputs, resources, efficiency, throughput effort, productions, performance, and strategy. They are curious to know if there are any substantial issues at Whole Foods, and how these problems might affect the integration of the company’s. Organizational Diagnostic Models An organizational model is an illustration of an organization that aides one to comprehend more evidently and swiftly what is being observed in the organizations (Falletta 2005). Models are able to assist in improving our comprehension of organizational behavior and…show more content…
When the alignment unknown at the moment, it will require answering of questions or go another process of collecting necessary information. The model shows the action of a plan detailing areas where alignment is needed and how to do it. The reporting relationships then organized whenever the structure shows a different thing of what is taking place. Through this process, it is easy to know who are in the organizational and do not perform hence they are left to go some ways of improving their efficiencies. Implementation is so important in any process that requires change or analysis to have the positive effect. It gives room for finding people who are more excellent to help in the process of various implementations (von Davier & Haberman, 2014). Weaknesses McKinsey 7model It also does not provide templates in which one can use to leads in so doing of search to help you know ways in which other relevant organizations were able to adapt and cope with scenarios of organizational change. Burke-Litwin change model The Burke-Litwin change model is one who always strives to influence changes relating to

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