An Organizational Profile Of Toys

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An Organizational Profile of Toys ?R? Us Juadia M. Tabio University of Louisville Professor Bradley Carpenter, Ph.D. Leadership and Management ELFH 490-91 May 15, 2015 Running head: TOYS ?R? US 13 Introduction Imagine a place where kids rule the aisle, the parents smile at the joy in their children?s eye and a memory is forever etched as they walk out the store and the child begins to sing ?I Don?t Want to Grow Up, I?m A Toys ?R? Us Kid.? This magical place for children was established in 1948 by Charles Lazarus in Washington, D.C, with the name Children?s Bargain. His vision at the time was to ?provide a baby furniture store for the post-war baby boom era.? (History, 2015) Satisfying the customer was his number one obligation as he introduced infant products and toys for children of different ages based on customer demands. After 10 years, Lazarus followed the supermarket model for the store. While opening his second store he settled on the name which all kids love to hear Toys ?R? Us. From there he established community roots, loyalty from his customers, and introduced the iconic mascot Geoffrey. This company has not stopped growing and bringing kid?s smiles and fun sense that day. How this company came to be requires an intense look into its organizational structure through the eyes of Bolman and Deal (2013) and the instrumental strategy of SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats) analysis. Bolman and Deal (2013) developed a tool that provided
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