An Organizational QI Plan for ABC hospital

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An appropriate organization to develop an organizational improvement plan At ABC hospital healthcare facilities are provided to patients at home under the supervision of experienced and expert physicians. This system is generally referred to as as home healthcare system. The type of care the organization provides Multiple services are provided under home healthcare systems. The main services are medical social services, speech-language therapy, occupational, physical and nursing care to the patients. Organization's mission and Quality Improvement QI goals The major objective of this ABC hospital is to offer medical services to the patients at their home so that their will to recover and live long increases. As patients live with independence at their homes, there are more chances of recovery and will power to regain the lost health as compared to the ones admitted at hospitals and other healthcare service institutes. There are no restrictions with regards to the request of our home services; not only patients but also family members can request these services for the patients. Three external indicators and how customers and stake holder feedback is used in the QI process In the ABC hospital, the system of home healthcare is launched with the view of offering certain value added services to the patients keeping in view the overall health goals of US government. As patients stay home to use these services, it is most likely that administrative workload and

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