An Organization's Culture And Structure Impact Work Life Balance

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How might an organization’s culture and structure impact work-life balance? Work-life balance has become an increasingly important topic of interest. Creating a healthy work-life balance has been shown to increase success in both personal and professional arenas (Karakose et al., 2014). Organizations are now modifying their structure and culture to accommodate for the extra emphasis placed on this balance. An organization’s structure either allows for or hinders this balance. Structure consists of how the organization’s policies, procedures, and processes and their effect on this balance. This paper will examine the structure Netflix, the preeminent DVD rental and video streaming service provider, operates under to maximize its employees’ work-life balance. An organization with a work-life balance centric culture may provide a balance with fewer tangible assets. This cultural focus improves the work-life balance through an insistence on doing what is best for the employee. Google, the internet search giant, consistently emphasizes this work-life balance culture. The organization’s efforts are to ensure its employees are happy, their lives easier, and for their work to be less intrusive on their personal lives. This paper will discuss the impacts of culture and structure on work-life balance and will use these two exemplary organizations to illustrate them.
An organization’s structure can sometimes make a significant impact on its employees work-life balance. By…

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