An Organization's Operation Enhances Growth And Performance

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Putting the right employees in the centre of an organisation’s operation enhances growth and performance. However, building the internal capacity of the employees makes the organisation strategically fit for future operations. In this paper, therefore, I will be interrogating the role of the HR manager in a downsizing and restructuring process and also suggest some best practices in such a process. THE ROLE OF HR MANAGER IN DOWNSIZING AND RESTRUCTURING
Increasingly, organisation are under immense pressure to deliver more with little resources. That is why most organisations need HR managers that are strategic, otherwise they will be affected by the unpredictable market. Agreeing with Bardwick, (2007), rules and
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They also purported that organisations have experience growth only because their organisational growth is linked to strategic business goals.
The Neninah Airline, for example, has put a lot of emphasis in building an HR function that delivers value both operationally and strategically. According to Scott et al. (1996) organisations at every point of their growth must tie together their intellectual capacity. For The HR practitioners within the Airline to be valued as a business partner that support growth, they must build a reputation of skill that is in line with the airline’s needs. A thorough assessment of the skills of the HR managers within airline should be commissioned and focused on identifying the mind-set, knowledge and skills requirements necessary for these managers to perform as strategic business partners. Allocating time to this process makes the organisation more strategic in its approach.
According to Brockbank (1999), he recommended that the HR managers must be hands-on in formulation and implementation of organisational strategy. Crosby (1986) also suggested that a strategic HR manager as part of his or her role should be in the position to articulate the theory of change for the airline, establish partnership with like-minded airlines, monitors the global market, succession planning and talent management. As HR managers, they must be very familiar with the business and their stakeholders
Ulrich (1998) emphasised strongly that for an
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