An Organization's Talent Management Strategy

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It is the duty of the Human Resource department to provide the employees of the company with opportunities to develop skills and improve themselves. Training is not only a way to develop employees but also a strategy to retain, develop, and reward employees. Training does have an effect on productivity, safety, and development. Employee development can change an organization, and it employees just by using planned and unplanned training. The company can succeed in maintaining an advantage for the organization. Training and development is a critical aspect of an organization 's talent management strategy. Every organization needs to invest in it to attract and retain talent and grow their employees ' knowledge base and capabilities (HR…show more content…
HR training and development methods will vary based on need. What determines the type of training should be used? Things like increased competition, advances in technology, mergers and reorganizing the corporate structure, and shifts in the economy. There are numerous training methods available to help equip employees to better do their jobs. With so many available it can be pretty discouraging to decide which to use and when is the proper time for a particular method (Training Today). In Today’s working environment, we have access to more ways to train and develop people than ever before. Unlimited learning opportunities are available to us in the form of E-learning, mobile learning, and virtual training (Business Zone, 2012). In this paper I will take a closer look at On the Job training, Classroom training, and Computer-based training, discussing the advantages and disadvantages to each as well as give examples of techniques included in the methods. Classroom or instructor led training is one of the most popular methods used. It is allows for instructors to interact with participants in a non-threatening environment. A trainer is the subject expert and will be able to handle any concerns and questions right away and, as a specialist, can share the benefit of their years of experience. People generally learn better from other people, and are able to retain this
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