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Part 1 Patient • Mr Timothy Jones • 38 years old Presenting Complaint Essential Hypertension. Blood pressure control lost on current therapy Type of Prescribing This is an episode of Supplementary Prescribing. It is defined as, ‘A voluntary partnership between a doctor or dentist and a supplementary prescriber to implement an agreed patient specific clinical management plan (CMP) with the patients’ agreement’. (DOH, 2007) Mr Jones benefits from Supplementary Prescribing as it ensures timely access for review of his condition along with treatment modification and subsequent monitoring with the reassurance that a GP retains the overview of his care. The Consultation Model I applied Neighbours Model, The Inner Consultation (Neighbour, R, 1987). This identifies a pathway which hones consultation skills by goal setting, skill building and finally pulling everything together. The model contains five intuitive stages. See Appendix 1. The use of a model helps me to ensure consistent and effective consultations with reproducibility which optimises outcomes for Mr Jones. They are useful as a framework from which clinicians develop their own style (Moulton & Neighbour, 2007) Connecting History of Presenting Complaint Mr Jones requires regular review and management of his Essential Hypertension which was first diagnosed 5 years ago. He has been well maintained on lower than recommendation (NICE, 2011) dose of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor Lisinopril dihydrate. He has no
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