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Economical Outline Nikol Shapiro 1 Pastoralists/Nomads. Animals. Raised horses, cattle, sheep, goats, and camels. Hunted rabbits, bears, wolves, deer, pheasants, ducks, foxes, antelope. Livestock. Moved many times a year for water and grass for the herd. Fragile system, it’d be bad if things went wrong like: Disease among people or animals. Snow storms. Cold temperatures. Droughts. Raised horses, cattle, sheep, goats, and camels. Depended and enjoyed trading with neighboring civilizations. Sheep were the most useful livestock they had. Could be turned into mutton. Wool and skin were used for clothing. Animal dung was used as a fuel resource. Along with wood though. Wool and skin was also used for blankets and rugs. Agriculturalists. Women: Household duties, childcare duties, created clothing, milked animals. Alongside all their duties, women helped take care of sheep and planting and harvesting. Men: Tended to cattle, horses, camels, and hunted. Tended sheep alongside women. Constructed dwellings and plant, irrigate, weed, and harvest. 13th and 14th century. 1215-1360. A huge economic boost in the Mongolian Empire was reestablishing the Silk Road under one country. Helped merchants travel safer and more efficiently. The Mongols got to tax a lot from the people who used their Silk Road. 1227. Genghis Khan ordered the monetary system to use paper money along with coins; effectively helped the economy while controlling the politics and culture. The value order: Paper money,

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