An Outline of 'Heroes'

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Heroes – Robert Cormier Key Quotations Chapter 1 – page 1 “My name is Francis Joseph Cassavant and I have just returned to Frenchtown in Monument and the war is over and I have no face.”  Establishes the setting  Introduces narrator in first person  Surprising statement creates mystery Chapter 1 – page 1 “Oh, I have eyes… but no ears to speak of, just bits of dangling flesh. But that’s fine, like Dr Abrams says… He was joking, of course.”  Conversational style of address  Creates a close bond between the reader and the narrator Chapter 1 – page 1 Description of Francis’s physical injuries.  Described in a matter-of-fact way  Creates sympathy in the reader – but does Francis expect this?  Makes the reader want to…show more content…
She began to stay at home… She was like… a hermit.” Adds to the mystery of Nicole Renard Shows that Francis did end up goingout with Nicole but that something must have gone wrong Chapter 3 – page 15 Francis explains that he joined the army at fifteen.  This makes the reader ask lots of questions e.g.    Why did he enlist? Why wasn’t he missed? How did he feel about this? Chapter 3 – page 16 “I can keep going on a minimum of food because I lost my appetite somewhere in France and eat now only to sustain myself for a while.”  Suggests that Francis has given up hope  Doesn’t reveal why he has no appetite Chapter 3 – pages 18 – 20 Francis dreams about the war in France  This suggests Cormier’s attitude to war and what is expected of soldiers.  It contrasts with the romantic and heroic descriptions we might expect  It is a dramatic and horrifying description Chapter 3 – page 18 “Not like the
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