An Outline of Kant's Foundations of Metaphysics of Morals

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Preface The foundation of the metaphysics of morals is a critical examination of a pure practical reason. The present foundations is the search for and establishment of the supreme principle of morality. Method: analytically from common knowledge to the determination of its supreme principle; then , synthetically from the examination of this principle and its sources back to common knowledge. Division: 1. the common rational knowledge of morals -> the philosophical rational knowledge of morals 2. the popular moral philosophy -> the metaphysics of morals 3. the metaphysics of morals -> the critical examination of pure practical reason (its foundation) .transition from the common rational knowledge of morals to the…show more content…
For this reason, many philosophers denied the reality of this disposition, attributing everything to more or less refined self-love. self-love: the frailty and corruption of human nature, employing reason, which should legislate for human nature, only to provide for the interest of the inclinations. In the most researching self-examination: A secret impulse of self-love can falsely appear as the idea of duty, for we like to flatter ourselves with a pretended nobler motive. all morality is a mere phantom of human imagination overreaching itself through self-conceit. It is the dear self instead of the stern command of duty which supports our plans. This is especially true as one’s years increase and one’s power of judgment is made wiser by experience and more acute in observation. duty: Except the clear convicion that, even if there never were actions springing from such pure sources, our concern is not this or that was done but that reason of itself and independently of all apprearances commands what ought to be done… This duty, as duty in general, prior to all experience, lies in the idea of a reason which determines the will by a priori grounds. eg: pure sincerity in friendship the necessity of metaphysics of morals A completely isolated metaphysics of morals is not only an indispensible substrate of all theoretically sound and definite knowledge of duties, but also a desideratum of the highest importance
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