An Outlook On Social Media

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Victoria Cifarelli
An Outlook on Social Media: The Positive and Negative
Social media has significantly impacted the lives of many individuals as well as the world in its entirety both negatively and positively. Throughout current times, it has been evident that technology and the concept of social media has become a significant aspect of everyday life. According to Merriam Webster, social media can be best defined as “forms of electronic communication through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content such as videos” (Social Media). It is continuing to evolve in its complexity and popularity on a daily basis. Social media is a technological advancement that can be seen as the primary source of communication today. It acts as an influence on how the way individuals think and act as well as how different parts of the world communicate with each other. This aspect of technology gives us the ability to send or share, personal or public messages such as pictures, videos, text messages, and telephone calls. Some of the applications that can perform these actions include:
 Facebook
 Twitter
 Instagram
 Pinterest
 Tumblr
 Vine
 YouTube
There is much controversy over how advantageous and disadvantageous these forms of social media are in society. Social media gives us access to a decent amount of information. It gives us access into the lives of many individuals. Social media also gives insight into not what is…

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