An Outpost of Progress

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A Bridge of “Progress”
---------character analysis of Makola As the only native workers and cultivated nigger in the trading station, Makola in “An Outpost of Progress” by Joseph Conrad seems to be a bridge between the natives and the white men. Moreover, Makola is not only a bridge as an interpreter for natives and the white men, but also as a bridge connects civilized and savage culture as a victim of “progress”. For the two white men from light society to the wide Africa, Makola as an interpreter and the native staff is the only one connected point for them to get in touch with natives. But he possesses the idea of “progress” from western culture deeply. Fortune and wealth accumulation priority while regardless of human value is
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The abilities that Makola has with a high level of western education and knowledge of the native culture and territory can places him in a distinguish vantage position that differentiate among either natives or two white men firstly. Moreover, the description that Joseph Conrad characterizes him “despised the two white men and got on very well with his god that propitiated him by a promise of more white men to play with, by and by” paves the way for the reversal of the power. Two potential explanations for the totally different depiction of the characters might be inferred that the intellectual superiority of two white men is taken for granted as the idea that civilized culture should rule savage culture for granted. Another is that Kayerts and Carlier are so ignorant that there is no intellectual characteristic can be added to them, so Makola is superior to them actually.[i] According to the Company, making fortune is the first the most important job that the outpost should maintain all the time. In that case, the power of controlling the trading station must lies in the productivity. As the story continues, the two white men are indeed useless with no value for the purposes of the Company. They are sluggish and unable to adapt to new environment while
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