An Overview Of Cloud Computing

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An Overview of Cloud Computing Abstract: The purpose of this briefing report is to provide an overview of what cloud computing is and how it can apply to a business or organisation. This document goes over what cloud computing is as well as it’s benefits and drawback. The benefits are in relation to the cost efficiency, accessibility & portability, as well as the security & data protection that cloud computing provides. The drawbacks are in relation to the potential threats to the cloud, Privacy and consumer risks as well as the cloud being only accessible when an internet connection is present. Introduction: Cloud computing is an ever expanding part of the IT industry, it is quickly being adopted by more ICT businesses due to it’s various advantages. Cloud computing [1]“promises numerous benefits from both the technology perspective such as increased availability, flexibility, and functionality, and the business perspective such as reduced capital and operational expenditure and shorter turnaround times for new services and applications” ( Misic et al, June 2013, p1062). This method is used in a variety of of ways that range from communication via emails to storage of files and other media. There are a variety of definitions regarding Cloud computing, however the National Institute of Standards and Technology put it most simply as [2] “A model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g.,

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