An Overview Of Geert Hofstede Developed The First Empirical Model Of ' Dimensions ' Of National Culture

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Student Number – 100026763 Name – Robbie Sammut Report Title – Individual Component Report Teacher – Claire Nicholls Date – 11th November 2014 Introduction Geert Hofstede developed the first empirical model of ‘dimensions’ of national culture. He was recognised internationally for the model that includes Power Distance, uncertainty avoidance, individualism vs collectivism and Masculinity vs Femininity. The Dimension of Hofstede that is the basis of this report is uncertainty avoidance. Uncertainty Avoidance is how society reacts to an unusual situation in a feared or fearless way, it demonstrates the truth of that society (refer to “Clearly Cultural”), an example is the current fighting between the Islamic Terrorists and the team…show more content…
Question 5 had 5 with Neutral, 1 agree and 4 with Disagree. Question 6 had 3 with Neutral and 7 with Formal. (See graphs next 2 Pages) “How long have you lived in Australia” (Graph 2) “You feel unsafe in your country” (Graph 3) “In your country of origin it is normal that people are not treated equally” (Graph 4) “In your country how formally do you speak to people in authority, for example teachers, managers, police, older relatives?” (Graph 5) Discussion It is evident from the survey that Australia is similar to the Philippines in terms of Uncertainty Avoidance. Both countries shared similar views and the majority of results were reasonable and not unusual. These two countries are seen as a safe place to live from the results of the survey. Geert Hofstede had his research on the comparison of Australia with the Philippines with Australia on 51 and Philippines on 44. This comparison is very close with a 6% difference and demonstrated the similarity of results between the two countries on the survey. The survey didn’t have any obvious clues that could demonstrate a significant difference between Australia and the Philippines. Therefore it is seen that the uncertainty avoidance is alike between these two countries. Australia and the Philippines are seen as Safe Countries. When people travel to

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