An Overview Of Modern Health Management System

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An Overview of Ubiquitous Health Management System ABSTRACT Author Keywords ACM Classification Keywords I. INTRODUCTION Due to recent advancement in mobile technologies, high-capacity wireless network, sensor system, and wearable technology ubiquitous computing system is no longer a possibility, it is now reality. Ubiquitous computing deals with the idea how we can improve our quality of life by incorporating or interacting with technology in our everyday life. Health care is an ideal application domain for ubiquitous computing. A variety of health management solutions are available today and it is expected that more will be available in the near future. This technology has allowed researchers and clinicians to develop applications to monitor the patients in the home and community settings and provide real-time feedback information. This, in turn, is helping healthcare management to enable proactive response to critical health conditions by facilitating early detection of life threatening conditions rather than reactive response. This is particularly important in remote and rural areas where number of working physician are very less compare to the physician of urban areas. [A review of wearable sensors and systems with application in rehabilitation 8] In addition to unified access to historical information, this monitoring system provides low-cost technique to managing and monitoring elderly people, postoperative rehabilitation patients, and people with special
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