An Overview Of Strategic Human Resource Management

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1. Introduction to Human Resource Management

The purpose of this report is to provide you with an overview of Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) and to explore in depth the process of Recruitment. Strategic Human Recourse Management consists of three main fundamental areas which need to be establishing in order for an organisation to function which are as follows:
1. Identifying the Organisation’s mission and values
2. Determining the strategy and structure which an Organisation will undertake
3. Human Resource Process & Planning
By having these three main fundamental key ideas in mind, an organisation is able to strategically pan out its concepts, identify what steps are required to be taken in order for it to function.
Recruitment is one of the Human Resource Processes and it is a process to gather as much prospective candidates as possible who would fit the opening job position. Ideally, the more people who apply for the job, the better chance the organisation in recruiting the better people. This process focuses only how to reach out and attract the right pool of candidates for selection and what methods are used best in order to obtain the best result. Difference sources will be used to recruit employees both internally and externally which depends on the opening position in question.
In relation to Recruitment, there are three min theories which will be highlighted in this report which are the Objective Theory, Subjective Theory and the Critical Contact
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