An Overview On An Evolving Era

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Madison Pohl
Mrs. Christoffersen
11A – Era Research Paper
23 October 2015
An Innovating Era
One of the most famous innovative engineers of all time, Henry Ford, once said, “You can 't build a reputation on what you are going to do.” Between 1850 and 1914 the American people happened to be living by this. Everyone tried creating something to profit, not to satisfy American needs, but some Americans built a reputation doing the opposite of that. During the years between 1850 and 1914, Americans were experiencing a lot of transformation. For example, Americans transformed from a mainly agricultural society to more of a modern industrial nation while America so called “came of age.” In addition, the Civil War was another huge struggle that the American people had to adapt to. Lastly, the Americans had to deal with slavery, but fortunately when the North won the war, slavery was abolished. (“Division, Reconciliation, and Expansion…” 460-473). An important person living during this era was Henry Ford because he was the most influential person for the manufacturing production worldwide. Furthermore, an event that had a major impact at the time on Americans was the Assembly Line being implanted. Lastly, one invention that affected Americans was the Model T. It enabled Americans to help modernize the country as well as themselves. Henry Ford, the Model T, and the Assembly Line are prominent figures and events from the 1850-1914 eras that reflect how this time period was innovative.…
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