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2249 Words9 Pages was founded in 1976 as a single store, only coming into real growth as a prominent floral wire service (a third party company that manages orders between customers and local florists) in the late 80s and 90s. It achieved great growth and public notice by investing early in emerging technologies, partnering with early internet providers as early as 1992 and establishing tele-commerce by 1995 (and mobile apps by 2012). is a multi-platform business that uses the internet, retail stores, and over 100 franchise stores to sell its products. In addition to selling flower arrangements, owns many other companies such as Fannie May Confections, Inc. (premium chocolates and confections), Cheryl & Co. (fresh baked gifts and desserts), (gift baskets), The Popcorn Factory, and many others (which has leads to fears about brand dilution). reduces the bargaining power of suppliers by working directly with local professional florists by setting up a BloomNet florist-to-florist wire service network. comparatively has a much larger revenue than the industry in general ($660.9 million compared to $76.1 million) and a larger variable employee base (because of very busy days like Valentine’s Day, etc.). However, their operating margin is much lower (1.18% to 21.28%) which implies variable costs are very high. is only located in 12 states in the United States

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