An Overview On The Creative Industry

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This report is an unbiased, informative guide to the creative industry, my aims in this report are to inform and explain the major projects, key players, trends, innovative technologies that are prominent in the industry and review how they are being implemented. The purpose is to convey the progress and growth that the industry is making. Additionally I aim to focus on the film industry as it is such massive part of the creative industries and is currently verge of huge change and technological advancements.
What are creative industries?
The creative industries in definition are the industries which are based on the innovative creativity, skill and talent of individuals. These individuals produce material that creates wealth
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The North American box office revenue amounted to 10.9 billion U.S. dollars in 2013. Followed by Japan which was the second-largest market, with a box office revenue of 2.4 billion U.S. dollars
Dream works animation studios
Evidently, the main key player in the film industry who stands out amongst thousands of Film Companies worldwide is Dream Works Animation. DreamWorks is a hugely successful company with their continuously innovative projects, and are based in California USA.
This company have released over 30 feature films and have made over 12 billion dollars worldwide. DreamWorks had a massive impact on the film and animation industry in 2001 with the release of the immensely successful film Shrek which grossed a total of $491,812,794 in the box office. This was game changer for the industry and the company as it showed that DreamWorks could challenge the likes of Disney and became one of the top animation studios in the world. Today DreamWorks has grossed $11.5 in the global box office showing it impacts the industry through its global success.
DreamWorks is primarily based on animated films examples of their top grossing productions are Shrek and Madagascar which collaboratively made a massive 950,000,000 in the box office. Dream works have revolutionised the quality of animated films with their advanced computer
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