An Overview and History of North Korea

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North and South Korea were only one country, but it was divided in1945. North Korea's capital city is HYPERLINK "" o "Pyongyang" Pyongyang which is the largest city and the highest economy in the country as well.
I chose this topic because most people who live overseas do not know about North Korea and it was a very important part of our history in South Korea. Even though Korea was divided, I would like to dream about our peace with North Korea. So I wanted to write about North Korea objectively.
The first sub-topic I will talk about is the location of North Korea and how big it is, and then I will move on to talk about its population and climate. Next I will talk about when and why North and South Korea were divided and why people in North Korea are not allowed to travel overseas. Then I will talk about the government in North Korea. Finally, there are several differences of lifestyle between North and South Korea that I would like to compare about, such as food, culture, the economy and how people in North Korea communicate with each other generally.
Geography of North Korea
North Korean is a country that located in East Asia in the northern half of the Korean peninsula. On the north, it is bordered by China on the Yalu River and Russia on the Tumen River. At its southern border, South Korea is…

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