An Overview of Bilingual Education amongst Chinese Immigrants

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An Overview of Bilingual Education Amongst Chinese Immigrants Managerial Decision Case: Should our small, local paper-supply business sell out to a big national corporation with a broader economic reach? Executive Summary: The following is a case examination in which a small, local paper-supply company determines that it is most expedient to consent to a buy-out by a big national chain. The discussion here will examine the reasons why this was chosen as the most appropriate course of action and will identify a number of the factors, costs and evaluative measures which entered into this decision. Using McNamara's Organizational Change Theory, the discussion considers the implications of such a change for the managerial leaders of the small company. The discussion resolves that while there are a number of negative consequences which require adjustment and impose some reduced morale amongst personnel, improvements in Information Technology orientation, resource availability and economic reach would make this an absolutely necessary decision. Definition: In order to define the managerial question, it is here appropriate to identify the company, describe the nature of the business and address the leadership roles within. The case scenario used here, which reflects my own personal experience in undergoing a process of change within my employing firm, describes a situation in which a small regional paper products dealer called Cutting Edge Papers was contemplating

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