An Overview of Change Management in the Hospitality Industry

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An Overview of change management in the hospitality industry

Jennifer Lee
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

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Lee, Jennifer, "An Overview of change management in the hospitality industry" (2008). UNLV Theses/Dissertations/Professional
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Unfortunately, how organizational change will play out is unknown. Therefore, it is uncertainty which marks the period of transition. What can be affirmed is that successful management of change lies primarily in the users of the adopted change; those who are expected to change as well in a manner that justifies the necessity of new ideas(Kale, 2005). It would not be in any organization’s interest to sacrifice quality or to succumb to avoidable losses during this period.
The Human Touch and the Psychology

Change may be viewed in terms of how a newly designed idea will improve operational performance. Because inhuman characteristics exist, sometimes the decision to implement change appears to neglect the human touch required to successfully execute the process. As a result, the change agent may fail to prepare for effectively responding to employee resistance (By, 2005). In contrast, the psychological management of an organization recognizes what the organization may sense during the transition period (Kale, 2005). Due to the forceful nature of labor in hospitality, change management produces psychological implications on operations. Organizational change may involve financial and intangible transactions, but the human impact on change is immeasurable. Due to the service nature of the hospitality industry, change is only as

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