An Owner 's Manual For My Trek Bicycle

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Technical documents in most cases are really important, mainly because it helps explain the needs and procedures of a product/research. Technical documents can include anywhere from an owner’s manual, to a journal article, to blogs in which case, I’m choosing an owner’s manual for my TREK bicycle. One of the nicest features of this manual that distinguishes it from many other owner’s manual is the fact that it provides not only a hardcopy of the manual but also a compact disc (CD). On the CD, the customer has the ability to get a translated version of the manual. When I bought the bike, TREK authorized dealer, provided me with a physical copy which was solidly in English which is not a problem for me but customers in other regions of the United States or other parts of the world may need a translated manual in order to understand it. With the CD, English as second language customers have the same ability as I do to understand the manual rather than having to go to translators or translating websites. So TREK does not really have a specific range of customers they are targeting but if you speak other languages than those on the website would be problem but they still have the ability to link the manual on the CD to the company website in order to check for other languages TREK may have translated into. After reading majority of the manual, I can conclude that the manual basically meets all the requirement of the excellence in technical documents. The manual is honest in the
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