An Persuasive Essay On Homework In School

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A student is sitting in his seat during 9th period and the second bell rings. The student can’t even think right with the amount of homework assigned to him. The teacher starts the lesson and that’s when the teacher is not able to catch the student’s attention. The student stares up in the air and looks at ceiling. He is listing every single piece of homework he has and quizzes and tests that week. That’s when the teacher finds this kid talking to himself. “I have 3 tests, math homework, italian homework, literacy homework, and science homework!!” The student talks to himself.
“Hey, stop staring off in space and listen to the lesson!” The teacher exclaimed in a nasty tone. The bell rings and the kid finally gets home.
“Go do your homework!” The kids mom stated. The student runs to his room and locks the door so he doesn’t get distracted. An hour passes by and he has done nothing. His mom unlocks his door and checks up on what he has done. She figures out he’s asleep and has done nothing. She deviously takes his phone and he doesn’t know.
Two hours later he wakes up and his mom gets enraged and flips out on him. It is currently 8:00pm and he has done none of his homework. He starts his homework and doesn’t finish until 10:30 pm and still has to study for three tests.
The next day he wakes up and starts the day off my getting up late and almost missing the bus. He gets to school and starting off 1st period he has a common assessment. Then, he makes it through the day until
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