An Project Manager : Takia Mays And The Child Care Vendor Consultant Rihanna Carter

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There are a total of seven team members that will be working on this project. Each member on the team specializes in a specific area. The seven members are Takia Mays (Project Manager), Giselle Knowles (Finance), Jonathan Rowland (Legal), Jill Scott (Marketing), Janet Bryers (Human Resources) John Grant (Facilities) and the child care vendor consultant Rihanna Carter. The project manager, Takia Mays, is responsible for leading and managing the project and project team. Takia will be overseeing the projects development and will be the point of contact for any issues or questions related to the project. Takia is also respon-sible for the project proposal submission and for providing updates to the company’s ex-ecutive staff members. Giselle Knowles will manage the project budget and oversees all financial issues regarding the project. Johnathan Rowland will be handling all legal mat-ters, policies and regulations involving the center. Jill Scott will handle all the project marketing and will be responsible for center promotions, social media pages and opening day flyers. Jill will also be lead for the centers grand opening ceremony. John Grant is in charge of locating and securing the location for the center. He al-so will oversee facilities renovation and maintenance issues. Janet Bryers will be assisting the child care vendor with staffing and Janet will also oversee handling all enrollment paperwork and processing for the first 90 days of the center opening. Rihanna
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