An Project On White Tail Crop Damage Reduction System

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This projects primary goal was to create a comprehensive system to reduce the amount of crop damage caused by whitetail deer and prolong the time it takes for them to habituate to this system. To accomplish this, the project was broken down into six main goals and 29 objectives as outlined in Table 1. Table 1: White Tail Crop Damage Reduction System Goals and Objectives Goals Objectives Completed Yes/ No Convert standard mechanical propane cannon to electrical with Menu Options remove old mechanical systems Yes install and test solenoid Yes install and test spark generator Yes Connect & program Arduino Microcontroller, solenoid and spark generator Yes install and program LCD screen and button/keypad Yes Build a perimeter intrusion…show more content…
No test ARToolKit Yes test navigation with ARToolKit Yes conduct comparative testing with GPS with ARToolKit Yes Field Test Set Propane Cannon in place No set perimeter intrusion detection system in place No find suitable location and set cameras in place No place robot No test system No Create System documentation Create user’s manual No Draw Schematics No Design Tutorials No This system was designed to capitalize on randomization and mobility while providing a modular build design. The initial design and goal of the project was to develop a product that would increase the effectiveness and the efficiency of current market technology to reduce damage to crops by reducing habituation. Secondly, the objective of this project was to develop the prototype and protocols into a useful system that can be scaled up for application at the end users level of skill. Considering the target audience of farmers, who may not have a high level of understanding of electrical and computer components, each component was designed to be easily set up and operated. The ability of an average person to set up and configure the GPS system and the potential object recognitions navigation system, which would make the robot fully and accurately autonomous, may be a barrier. The use of in depth tutorials and visual aids may help some. However this may provide an opportunity for developing a niche job market for qualified service representatives and field techs. Full automation
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