An Reflection Of An Ece Teacher Essay

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In this practicum, you will hear about an ECE teacher. She was an effective teacher who was very creative when it came to her students learning. She focused on intrinsic Motivation, she used one type which are self-determination and personal Choice. As a teacher we can find ourselves using both extrinsic and intrinsic motivation, to help a student. Although we don’t take the time and think of the proper approach when it comes to motivation. However there is strategies that can be implemented inside the classroom. A teacher name Ms. L inspired me to use some in my class. I observed a teacher name Ms. L, she is a four year old teacher. She has 15 kids on roll however, only 10 were present. There they stood animated, four boys and six girls. I observed Ms. L’s room around 5 O’clock P.M. The schedule stats, time for free choice. She works from 9am to 6pm, and still keeps a smile on her face. The hour I was in her class I could tell she was an effective teacher by the way she engaged with students. She still had the patience to keep her students engaged, even while they made choices of their own. Although I was only in the classroom an hour you could tell she had the uniqueness to motivate all her students even the ones with unpleasant temper tantrums. Her learning centers had so many activities, which was on shelves and tables. These centers would have you thinking and wanting to learn more. She had an awesome hands on science center where children had the ability to
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