An Reflection Of Autobiography Of The Philosophy Course

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Autobiography of our encounters and engagements with the philosophy course.
In this introduction to philosophy course, when i taken the course what i was though that about the philosophy was that is related to Individual’s ways. How to examining every situation happening with thing has different philosophical approach in life attending at the first few sessions came to know about that What I think about philosophy is something different way. In the major part of the Philosophy is deals with arguments and counter statements I know a lot of things about during this sessions philosophy means study of general and fundamentals problems. I learned how to think philosophically and how to argument in philosophy. I also encountered the philosophical concepts and through the ideas that which i have not thought about them. Philosophy is nothing but whatever is happen or going around us and around the world.

To know about the arguments such as inverted spectrum argument and the arguments they are valid argument, invalid argument, sound argument and unsound argument. Sounds arguments are related to valid arguments. The deduction are universal facts
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Someone said that god is exist and asked what is the proof and scientific reason. That time i thought that is god is really exist or not and started thinking because my parents said that we have to believe in the god from that time i use to believe in god but i really don’t know god is really exists. After discussing in the class And we started discussion in the groups. It is actually a valid argument. After that we seems to this argument which is unsound. I had doubt about the ontological argument, whether one can conclude existence of the god with this argument. Some people doesn't believe in the god But i used to say that god is really existence. God is in every person to help to the people. Iam still confusing in existences of god
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