An Reflection Of My Personal Experience

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Intuition is defined as a direct perception of truth or fact, independent of any reasoning process. ( Also known as a keen or quick insight, many people say that women, especially mothers and wives have great intuition and will often know when something is wrong before anyone tells them. This is intuition by definition, however, from a biblical standpoint intuition is very much like spiritual discernment. For those that are gifted with both, intuition and spiritual discernment you can pretty much take what they say to the bank, it will happen or has happened just like they said it would. In my personal experience, I work with a lot of women on a day to day basis. In my particular ministry scope I help hurting women, particularly those that have been rejected or wounded in some way. Some of these women have been hurt deeply and must be handled with great care in order for me not to lose their trust, or hurt them further. I have found I have to lean hard on intuition when I hear their stories so that I know how to minister to them. I also have to realize that not every story I am told is true. By prayer, discernment and intuition, I am led in the right direction to help each person. In ministry it is critical not to be moved by emotions, yours or the persons you are helping. Emotions will often lead you astray. The wise in heart are called prudent, understanding, and knowing, and winsome speech increases learning (in both speaker and listener). Understanding
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