An Reflection Of The Fatherhood

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Cosby starts hilariously by giving the meaning of the fatherhood. He gives the following views about the meaning; Fatherhood is pretending the present you love most is soap-on-a-rope, fatherhood is keeping your child learn English as a second language, fatherhood is asking your child to make up a name rather than tell them who he is, and finally fatherhood knows that everything is okay. He also adds that dad means, “I have not killed anyone.”
By talking to audience in different regions and asking them why they have children, Cosby gets different responses such as; some say they have children because they want to carry on the family name, some say it is because child will be an enduring reflection of themselves, and others because they want someone to look and take care of them once they are of old age.
Cosby inherited his parenting skills from his parents who raised their children the time where parents were presumed to know more about their children than the whole army of psychologists and psychiatrists. He explains how his parents entertained no nonsense and gives an example of how he was once beaten after breaking the glass table while playing parlor basketball. Parents taught their kids proper manner, self-respect, and values which Cosby takes seriously. He is not averse to a good swat on the rear end if the situation calls for it. He emphasizes on reasonable discipline learned with good will and humor.
Cosby takes parents on a journey of parenthood through different…
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